GET Grammar Focus on Verbs and Adverbs


A comprehensive guide with user-friendly worksheets.

SKU: 978-1-77583-152-5 Category:
SKU: 978-1-77583-152-5 Category:

The aim of the GET Grammar series is to provide GET learners with the basics of language establishing a firm foundation in language so that they can build on their knowledge in later years. This pack focuses on Verbs and Adverbs.

The GET Grammar series was adapted from Macrat's Firm Foundation workbooks. Additional information has been added in some of the packs where CAPS identified specific terms and concepts that had not been covered.

Unlike many textbooks, this series provides plenty of exercises so that learners can practise their skills. Suggested answers are included in this section.

Learners should be encouraged to keep the notes and exercises in this pack as they will come in very handy should they forget the basics in the FET phase.

Grades 8-9.

Total number of pages: 35

Author: N. Kirby and Macrat Publishing

E-book in pdf format

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