Exam Matters Gr 8/9 FAL


Selection of exam papers with suggested answers.

SKU: 978-1-920400-60-6 Category:
SKU: 978-1-920400-60-6 Category:

This resource pack contains a series of exam papers for English, suitable for Gr 8-9 FAL.

Note: The material in this resource pack was originally published in various issues of Macrat's Ratpack. The exam papers are note CAP-compliant and some of the extracts may have old dates on them. However, we feel that the exam papers have value for teachers who are under pressure to find good material at short notice.

NB: These PDFs are unsecured which means that you are able to cut and paste them into a Word document, and edit them as required for your own personal needs. The material remains copyrighted. please don't abuse our concession to allow you to edit the material.

Grades 8/9.

Total number of pages: 28

Author: Macrat Publishing

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