‘diamond boy’ by Michael Williams


An exciting resource pack for studying the novel ‘diamond boy’, written by Michael Williams.

SKU: 978-1-77583-240-9 Category:
SKU: 978-1-77583-240-9 Category:

This riveting novel is a great read for young adults. Full of drama and action, it tells of the journey to adulthood of Patson and his younger sister.

A thorough resource pack that guides learners through the plot, characters and themes of this novel, written by Michael Williams. It also includes contextual questions with suggested answers. Learners are guided in the art of writing a literature essay, and ideas for further writing and speaking are included.

Ideally it should be used in conjunction with the OUP text which also offers valuable notes and questions.

Very accessible for SACAI students and home learners.

Suitable for grades 10-12.

Total number of pages: 26

Author: J. Pienaar

E-book in pdf format

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