When I read ...

For many of us, reading is a pleasure that we cannot always describe to others who do not have a similar appreciation. Imagine not being able to read, or not being allowed to read – what an awful existence!

Earlier this year I read a poem that excited me as it phrased exquisitely how I feel about reading. A little research revealed that Lillian Morrison was a well-respected librarian in USA who only started writing poetry as an adult. She died in January this year, aged 96.
I am sure her poetry inspired many, and I would like to share her poem with you.

When I read               Lillian Morrison

I’m a runner, a racer,
I’ve got a lot of speed.
I can sprint
from here to         there
with time to spare.                               5
But when I READ
Then I’m a diver!
I plunge
               in                                        10        
and until the story’s over
I don’t come up for air.
Then too I’m an explorer,
a tracker and a rover
and I always                                        15
find something
I didn’t know was there.

If you would like to share this poem with your learners, I have posted a worksheet – based on the poem – on our website. I hope you will enjoy using it in the classroom!


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