What’s the purpose of Blogging in the classroom?

Technology ‘rules’ the world and it most certainly plays a most vital role in the lives of learners. How can you harness their fascination with their hand-held devices to improve the overall classroom experience?

In a recent article about using blogging in the classroom, some interesting ideas were suggested:

The class blog is a main gathering place to chat about the class outside of class, and to capture snapshots of the school year via various forms of media. It allows free flow and sharing of information relevant to students and their interests.

Here are some more benefits to blogging in the classroom:
•    Conversation on your class content is broader
•    Allows for the sharing of feedback
•    Allows for all voices to be heard, not just within the classroom
•    Central hub for your flipped videos
•    Parents are welcome to come in, look around and comment
•    Creative language skills
•    Awakens student passions
•    Opportunity for teaching digital citizenship
•    Building community

Blogging also helps to get the class outside of the classroom and expand the learning space. For example, exposure on the Internet can create funding or support for student projects from sources other than just your local reserves.

How have you used blogging in the classroom and has it been successful? Please let us know.

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