What can we do to promote literacy?

We celebrate book week this month, 7 – 13 Sept. In addition, we are reminded on International Literacy Day (8 Sept), that approximately 776 million adults worldwide can't write their own name or read a line from a book.   

How can each one of us make a difference when the need is so great?

You can start in the classroom by generating excitement about reading, and encouraging your learners to share their love of reading, either by reading to others, or by teaching others to read. Raising funds for needy libraries and literacy organisations is also a most worthwhile project.

Here are few more ideas that you can share with your learners:

  • Volunteer to tutor someone in your community who is learning to read. Ask your local library to connect you to a group that works with literacy programmes.
  • Hold a book drive and donate books to a charity or under-privileged school.
  • Start a book club at school.
  • Host a read-a-thon fundraiser to raise funds for an organisation such as READ or a charity of your choice. [This website will give you hints and tips on how to organise a read-a-thon, and also provide templates that you can use to set up this event: http://illinoisaap.org/reachoutandreadillinois/get-involved/reach-out-and-read-illinois-readathon-toolkit/]
  • Give a book as a gift. Include a note about why you believe literacy is so important.
  • Get involved with projects that your local library may be organising.
  • Spend time reading to much younger learners in the hope of inspiring them to read.
  • Bring joy to an older or ill person by reading to them.
  • Create a book wall in your classroom and display the covers of recently read books, plus your review of the book.

Happy reading this month!

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