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Taking the age-old book review into the 21st century, this website provides free electronic books to students in both primary and secondary schools and allows them to take on the role of a book critic …

LITPICK which promotes preteen and teen reading and writing, was recognized by the American Association of School Librarians as the Best Website for Teaching and Learning in 2013. Its mission is to help young readers develop a lifelong love of reading, by facilitating the sharing of opinions in an online social community – always a popular concept with teens today!

Designed to make reading “a fun, engaging and empowering experience”, LitPick Student Book Reviews allow learners to read a book, write and post a review on the site for other students to read, as well as taking part in online discussions about Young Adult literature with authors, publishers and parents.  The site receives courtesy copies of new preteen and teen books from publishers and authors, and the student reviewers provide opinions on the titles. As such, it has become very popular with librarians, teachers and parents as well as homeschool educators.  All students have to do is sign up for an account (free), request a book, read it and review it.  It’s a great source for finding titles to recommend to Young Adult readers and effectively provides access to free eBooks.

Furthermore, by giving students an authentic real-world environment in which to publish their views on what they have read, LitPick takes the once-hated task of book reviews into the 21st century.

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