A great educational technology website for teachers and learners.

EDUDEMIC offers an array of forums, articles, ideas and resources on everything to do with technology, and includes a great search facility that allows you to source selected topics and videos, as well as what is trending in educational technology.

You can find articles - from authors all over the world – with great ideas for stimulating creativity, or improving student writing, note-taking tips for the digital classroom, and key issues around use of tablets and other online learning tools. If you are looking for recommendations for free web tools or apps, or good topics on TED Talks for some inspiration, or great blogs or Twitter users to follow, and other ways to use social media in education, then you will find it all here.

There are also excellent Teacher’s Guides to Technology and Learning, which include guides to using Twitter, ‘flipping’ your classroom, choosing digital content, or issues of copyright and fair use, and online safety for students. An entire section is devoted to online learning guides, and deals with the pros and cons of blended learning, ways of designing online learning, as well as numerous articles about top online learning trends.

A tried and tested excellent guide outlines various sites and apps that can help you design rubrics for better assessment practices, and includes free rubric generators like eRubric Assistant and iRubric. Rubistar is another easy to use online rubric maker, and all these sites offer rubric building tools as well as a searchable database of templates and existing rubrics from other teachers; practical materials that can really make a difference to the quality of teaching and learning in your classroom!

Edudemic also invites posts from readers who want to share their ideas or blogging abilities. You can send in posts using a submission form, and if the review meets the site’s guidelines and listed criteria, they will post it on the site. You can sign up with an account, or simply visit and read the materials on Edudemic at any time.

So, if you are looking for some new ideas for your classes, or a basis for expanding your personal knowledge on matters technological, or for enhancing Professional Development courses in your school, Edudemic is a great place to start ...

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