To Ebook or Not?

Are eBooks still the rage that they were 3 years ago?

Being the dinosaur that I am eBooks, Kindles and other electronic devices just don’t work for me.  Give me a book that feels and smells like paper and I’m a very happy reader.

Still, as I am in the publishing world, I have not been able to ignore the hype surrounding eBooks and the growth of the eBook market in recent years. In 2013 Macrat also extended its market into ePubs and eBooks, making many of our more popular titles available electronically.

Recently, Macrat signed up with ITSI, a company that distributes eBooks. While we were involved in setting up the agreement, I wondered which way the world was currently leaning with regards to reading formats. My internet search didn’t yield many comments or statistics published this year, but in May 2016, The Guardian (UK) ran an article stating that for the first time in four years, sales of hard copy books had increased while the sale of eBooks had declined. (I must admit that I smiled smugly to myself.)

But let’s go back a while and consider why eBooks were so popular.

Michael Angier wrote the following:

eBooks are …

  • easier to obtain
  • more easily updated
  • generally more than just a book
  • space-wise
  • eco-friendly (they don’t use up trees)
  • more portable
  • able to be hot-linked (apologies, but my pre-historic brain doesn’t assimilate this!)
  • able to be custom-branded
  • useful when trying to find information quickly

Which of the above reasons do it for you? Or do you have a personal reason why you prefer eBooks to hard copies?  

We would love to hear from you …

If like me, you prefer good old print, you might be interested in an article that appeared in the Huffington Post Sorry, Ebooks. These 9 Studies Show Why Print Is Better

Your learners no doubt have very specific preferences and some may very well be interested in using eBooks rather than hard copy workbooks. If so, please send them to our eBook partners so that they can order what they need: Snappifly or ITSI.

Happy teaching!

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