Next-Generation Learning

21st Century Learning vs Next-Generation Learning

We talk a lot about 21st century learning but Global Digital Citizen team member Andrew Churches suggests that the term “Next Generation” learning may be a better description now that we are almost twenty years into the 21st century.  His take on the 8 habits of next-generation teachers highlights practices that he believes are essential to prepare our students for the future in a fast-changing world.

The 8 habits of Next Generation teachers are:

  1. Finding imaginative ways to adapt the curriculum, even within the limits of its requirements.
  2. Being able to envision new ideas and how one can use these in the classroom.
  3. Collaborating with colleagues by contributing and sharing these adaptations and inventions, and how to use them to enhance learning and motivate students.
  4. Taking risks with the vision of what one wants, particularly with technology.
  5. Learning and continuing to explore new experiences and knowledge to stay up-to-date.
  6. Communicating and being fluent in tools and technologies that enable communication and collaboration.
  7. Modeling behavior that one expects from one’s students.
  8. Leading, which is crucial to the success or failure of any project.

Churches stresses that one should not be afraid to use the strengths of the ‘digital natives’ to help one understand and navigate new products.  Let them teach each other how to use the technology while you keep your focus on facilitating the learning goals.

Start by generating a discussion in your department or staff room at school. Think about how many of these habits you follow, and also what else you might you add to this list …

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