Happy World Book Day!

World Book Day was set up by Unesco to pay tribute to books and authors, encouraging everyone to discover the pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.

I believe that part of our responsibility as teachers is to encourage and promote reading. Take a look at the ideas on our website that are aimed at inspiring you to promote reading in the classroom.

Macrat’s resource pack, A Novel Project, also aims to promote reading in a fun and creative manner. The resource pack guides teachers to set reading tasks for their learners, and includes summaries of about 40 suitable titles for grades 7 – 9. The pack provides notes and assessment rubrics for teachers and includes seven tasks for learners, all of which are related to a novel that they must read.

Take up the challenge and aim to instil the love of reading in your learners this year!


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