For the love of poetry

When new poems are prescribed we often groan as it means more work for us; but usually, once we have started to delve into the background of the poet and explored the content of the poem, excitement begins to build as we uncover meanings, themes and ideas.

But how does one teach the love of poetry to learners? We recently discovered a website that aims to share the work of African poets: http://badilishapoetry.com/ - a Poetry X-change ¬– and it can be a valuable classroom resource.

The website features a vast range of poets and examples of their poetry; it provides some biographical information, and more importantly, includes many poetry readings – often by the poets themselves. Listening to these recordings makes poetry more vital and ‘real’ for learners. The readings can also be used to base listening comprehensions on.

Visit Badilisha Poetry and spread the love of poetry!

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