Do any words conjure up school poetry for you?

When I hear the word ‘perched’ (which, admittedly, I don’t hear too often) a poetry verse immediately pops into my head … ‘Perched on my city office-stool, I watched with envy while a cool and lucky carter handled ice … and I was wandering in a trice ...’

Did you ever read ‘The Ice Cart’ by Wilfred Gibson in primary school? The lines of this poem, and many others, ring in my ears regularly, triggered by commonly used phrases or words. Expressions gleaned from school poetry gift us a richer vocabulary and form an important part of our general knowledge.  Yet I can’t help but wonder how many people today would understand the connection when someone refers to a tiger ‘burning bright’ or quotes ‘When fishes flew and forests walked’ after seeing a donkey.

When compiling Macrat’s new poetry pack (Poetry Time) for grades 8 and 9, we were conscious of the CAPS requirements, but, more importantly, we wanted to put together a ‘worthwhile’ selection – a selection of poetry that would introduce learners to some of the timeless ‘old favourites’ and also expose them to more modern, local poets.

At grade 8 and 9 level, the CAPS refer to poetry and short stories regularly. For this reason, Macrat has also compiled a set of short story worksheets suitable for these grades.  The worksheets were previously published in the Ratpack but are now in a ready-to-use, all-in-one resource pack (Short Story Time) and cover a selection of timeless short stories, many which will be read and enjoyed by students around the world.

These new resource packs offer you a wonderful selection of worksheets which will inspire both you and your learners. They also include useful links to websites making your job that much easier. Consult the full list of the poems and short stories covered in the packs on our website and put in your order today!

And don’t forget to let me know if you have any trigger words that transport you back to your poetry classroom.



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