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A teacher recently asked me why she should subscribe to the ‘Ratpack Resources’ if she already has a text book to use in class. I immediately thought about my first high school English teacher who assured us that she had learnt English despite only having one single book. (How thankful I was that I had been able to enjoy a wider choice of books to develop my love of the English language.) The question about subscribing, however, is a valid one and I wanted to respond by providing five of the most compelling reasons why English teachers should subscribe.

The ‘Ratpack Resources’ is:

High school English teachers know how important it is to engage learners with a variety of reading material and to provide additional opportunities to apply what is learnt in class.  But how often do we file an interesting article to develop into a worksheet, even though we know we will probably run out of time?  The ‘Ratpack Resources’ can provide you with the kind of worksheets YOU would love to develop. All the worksheets and exams are created by South African teachers who follow the CAPS requirements and who understand the challenges of teachers in this country.  They know what is in the curriculum and look out for material which will complement the current syllabus.

By providing a monthly package for teachers, resources are quick and easy to download. Subscribers have a special copyright that allows them to share with other teachers at their school or to photocopy worksheets for their classes. As worksheets are not secured, they can be adapted for different levels or to suit specific needs e.g. for tests, supplementary exercises, revision or remedial work.  Like compounding interest, English language requires frequent practice in order to build the knowledge and skills required for Matric as well as life beyond the classroom. The material in ‘Ratpack Resources’ is designed to easily adapt for this purpose.

Ready-to-use worksheets save you that time you would have had to use finding and preparing suitable content and exercises to consolidate your teaching. Suggested answers are provided for questions and full memos are included with exam issues making marking time a great deal easier. Creating rubrics can take time which is why as many as possible are included for tasks. Essentially, the ‘Ratpack Resources’ team constantly strives to find ways to make life easier for teachers who face a multitude of challenges in the modern classroom.

Ok, so not every text or every task is jaw-dropping stuff but just receiving a monthly dose of time-saving resources is enough to raise the most jaded of spirits. We are often blown away by the creativity of teachers who contribute material. Often, they manage to squeeze life into the driest and dustiest of poems, shine a light on subjects that wouldn’t have occurred to us before and find some humorous content that doesn’t fail to bring a smile to our faces. Sadly, we cannot use everything due to copyright restrictions but we do make a concerted effort to collate something that will inspire our subscribers to greater heights in the classroom.

For a price of a meal out, you can receive 10 instalments of resources which you can use when you like and as you see fit giving, you more time to spend teaching or, giving you more time to take an evening off to relax.

The Ratpack Resources can never replace a text book. This is not what it is about. Its purpose is to support English teachers who teach a dynamic language in a challenging environment. It isn’t a luxury either but a must-have for teachers in South African high schools.

Subscribe today and enjoy the advantages of receiving the ‘Ratpack Resources’.

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