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So what is the RR all about?

RR - Macrat’s new online resource centre: waiting for you to download worksheets that are ready-for-use in the classroom or in an exam paper.

The original Resource Rendezvous (RR) was conceptualised by Macrat in Johannesburg many years ago. Teachers were encouraged to share their original worksheets with other teachers, while discussing educational matters over a cup of tea. Macrat was blown away by the wonderful resources produced by teachers.

Teaching English can be extremely time consuming as finding suitable passages for comprehensions or summaries, and setting language, literature or writing exams takes a lot of time. Finding just the right extract can be maddening when you are under pressure to get things done.  While we can’t always offer you a cup of tea, we would like to continue the tradition of sharing creative and inspiring resources with teachers.

The goal of Macrat’s new online ‘Resource Rendezvous’ (RR) is to publish ready-to-use worksheets that will - in some small way - take the pressure off teachers. The worksheets are short, specific, and affordable. They are available as ‘unsecure’ PDFs which means that you can cut and paste the content, and adapt them to your needs.

Although the range is currently small, Macrat will add to the list every month, so keep your eyes on our website, or get updates in our monthly newsletters. Sign up here.

Macrat would like to take the original concept even further: if you have any specific needs or requests, please let us know and we will see if we can find material to accommodate you. We are not making any promises, but let us see if we can assist you.

We know you will enjoy using these resources and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Macrat Team

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The politics of 'Coriolanus'

The author of Macrat's study manual for 'Coriolanus' tells us why she thinks the novel should be studied in South Africa.

When I heard that Coriolanus had been set for IEB Matric study for 2016-17 I was surprised. Even less well known than The Winter’s Tale, it is one of Shakespeare’s last plays. When I spoke to several academics about it they all said it was a ‘wonderful play’ but did not expand on why.

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What to do on the first or last days of term?

It is often a challenge as learners are restless and more interested in catching up with their friends or in planning their next excursion. Having a ready-to-use worksheet that is educational, but also fun and interesting, makes your classroom life so much easier.

Macrat’s quarterly Ratpack provides 40 pages of photocopiable resources each quarter, covering language, literature, reading, listening and oral work. This excellent set of resources brings fresh material to your class every term and helps you fill the gaps, just when you need to!
Find out more on our website and order today!

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Happy World Book Day!

World Book Day was set up by Unesco to pay tribute to books and authors, encouraging everyone to discover the pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.

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Life Orientation under the spotlight, again.

An extract from the South African Journal of Education
"I basically just see LO as a waste of time, 'cause there, you don't learn anything from it."
"Yes, I enjoy LO, 'cause there's lots of fun activities."

Both of these statements were made by South African learners who were asked whether or not they liked LO. These two quotes provide a summary of the current debate around LO. Many people are of the opinion that it holds vast potential, others view it as a waste of time. This holds true for teachers and learners, as well as researchers.

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Calling all Grade 7 teachers!

Can you hear me, or should I say, ‘Do you read me?’ Macrat does not only offer resources to high schools. In this 2 part series we will highlight some of our most popular products for Grade 7.

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Digital resources at your finger tips

Macrat’s Bones Revision Timesavers have always been very popular with learners – especially during exam time. They cover brief notes on the plot, characters and themes, and provide exam questions and tips for many popular prescribed novels and plays.

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Make sure your Grade 11 and 12 learners achieve success this year!

Macrat’s ‘Selection for Success’ offers your Grade 11 and 12 learners outstanding resources – all in one ‘goodie’ bag. It’s like Christmas at the beginning of the year!

What learners get in each ‘goodie’ bag:
Three study manuals:
•    1 x study manual for the prescribed novel;
•    1 x study manual for the prescribed drama;
•    1 x language study manual which includes comprehensions and language exercises;
… PLUS a FREE pack of photocopiable poetry worksheets with memos for the teacher.

The combination that you choose is up to you – as long as your choice follows the 3:1 formula and you order a minimum of 10 sets.

Ten reasons why you should choose the Macrat Success Series study manuals.

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