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We should be reading, not burning, books.

If the burning of books is symbolic, what is it symbolic of?

This question was asked by Karin Schimke in an article (Cape Times, 7 Feb 2014) that reported the gutting of the Zithobeni Community Library in Bronkhorstspruit, which serviced not only the community, but also two high schools and three primary schools. She goes on to say ‘How profoundly has education failed in this country if it has not entrenched in every single citizen the incontestable necessity of books for a hopeful future ... How little are children loved and valued if their books are burnt?’

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What can we learn from the Monsters?

Macrat’s free worksheet this term (suitable for Gr 8) uses extracts that look at the movie Monsters University. (If you still need a copy of this worksheet you can go to our website.

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Trends with Technology - Problem-based Authentic Learning

A key trend in many schools today is the idea of problem-based learning, where students solve a genuine and complex problem, using the important 21st century skills of creativity, innovation, collaboration and communication, among others. This concept may overlap with project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, or authentic learning, but what are these terms all about? True and effective problem-based learning should have all the elements of authentic learning – to create a classroom that is as dynamic as the world around us, and one that reflects the way they will use the knowledge and skills in the real world.

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Exploring Social Networking

Teachers : download this lesson idea by clicking on the link provided – suitable for secondary students.

Use it as a discussion point for exploring the trends, delights and dangers, and etiquette of social networking…

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Writing RAPS Flocabulary style!

The first Web 2.0 tools article in Ratpack 16.1 suggested you take a look at the Flocabulary website … www.flocabulary.com

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